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About us


BMW Clubs Saudi Arabia is the Official BMW Club in the kingdom, an organization of enthusiasts and owners of BMW-made automobiles. 


It was formed in September of 2016 to meet the needs of local BMW owners and enthusiasts, we aim to gather BMW owners and promote the enjoyment and sharing of good will and fellowship derived from owning a BMW automobile, and engage in such social and other events as may be agreeable to the membership, in harmony with the Club’s general objectives.


BMW Club Saudi Arabia arranges a wide variety of social, technical, driving events and owner education on topics such as mechanical repair, automotive maintenance and collecting vintage vehicles. 

Our Mission

As a club our goals is to ...

- Bring together people interested in the BMW marque.

- Promote social activities.

- Collect and disseminate technical and mechanical information for the benefit of BMW drivers.

- Promote and conduct Motorsport (Driver training) and motoring activity.

- Foster friendship and courtesy on the road.

Our Objective

BMW Club Saudi Arabia's goal is to provide the members with an opportunity to meet with other BMW owners and enthusiasts. To promote the enjoyment and ownership of the BMW automobile. To facilitate and maintain mutually beneficial relations with Mohamed Yusuf Naghi Motors, local dealer / BMW Middle East, and other sponsors. Offer a variety of activities that bring people together to have fun which accomplish our objectives and consistent with our non-profit status. 

We welcome individuals and their BMWs of all shapes and sizes. For those who still dream of someday purchasing their own ultimate driving machine, you are invited to participate as well. 

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